Automating performance testing results: best practices part 3

In Part 1 of this tutorial, we had a close look on how to update your load testing environment to make load testing results automation possible. Instead of preparing your load testing report manually for days, with the environment discussed above, your data structure will depend on you, not you on your data structure.

In Part 2, we’ve tackled a problem that engineers in every load testing company complain about, — namely, how Grafana slows down the system, — and several other quick fixes to your Grafana dashboards. We plunged into multiple databases and data sources, retention policies and tag filters.

Finally, in this part we want to enable you to automate your test reports using all the infrastructure you have hopefully designed after reading through parts 1&2.

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Android apps performance and load testing: tips and tricks

There are about 3.5 mln apps in Google Play Store. Users have options, and you need them to choose your app. To avoid the nightmare of every product owner, namely, the situation in which the user uninstalls your app for Android OS, performance testing is crucial. It should be started when designing the application, continued when writing the code, and ran before every new release. Some of the ways to do performance testing of Android apps are built in the OS, while others are available on the web. In this article, we list both types for your developers to be able to test the app every now and then.

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Top 13 Best Online Load Testing Tools

In this article, we will go through our favourite features of each of these cloud-based load testing tools, while in the end you will find a parameterized comparison of all of them in one table.

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Why is performance testing before Black Friday a must?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, so it’s your last chance to take a look at previous years’ results for business and do the math. Together with Christmas sales, these three events make up for the peak load in Internet traffic. ECommerce and mobile apps endure the highest load and expect great profits.

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Project management in performance and load testing projects

There are basically two models of providing performance testing services to the customer: outstaff and fixed price. If your customers chose outstaffing, it means they have an experienced testing engineer on staff. This person will be able to set goals and tasks for the testing process and act as a performance testing manager. In this case, they only pay your engineers’ hours, and take full responsibility for the results.

Fixed price means that the responsibility is on your side. Your customer can’t run the tests themself, and wants a package deal. As a performance testing manager, you’re going to have to design everything from scratch. In this article, we’re looking at stages of a fixed price project, as seen by a QA project manager.

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